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We are a clinic practicing oriental medicine in California.
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Who We Are

HealingGate Acupuncture & Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fullerton, Orange County. We offer a wide range of traditional oriental medicine services that promote the well-being of the clients we serve.

Our Mission Statement

HealingGate Acupuncture & Wellness Center is committed to providing safe and natural treatments to our clients in California and beyond. We seek to be recognized for the high quality of our services and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become one of the leading practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) treatments and techniques in California.

Who is Dr. Jung and Why HealingGate?

Yongsub Jung

In his early career, Dr. Yongsub Jung was an engineer and an executive officer in IT industry, seemingly far from being in medical career. But one of his childhood dreams was to become a medical doctor, maybe like Dr. Schweitzer. How has his early dream been awakened to become enthusiastic about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine? It happened like the destiny.

He was working for IBM in his early thirties, when he experienced a low back pain which morphed into sciatica, giving him an excruciating pain that he was hardly able to walk or ride or even lying on bed was difficult. His primary doctor suggested him a surgery on his lumbar but he wanted to seek the second opinion. His relative grandfather at his hometown was a famous acupuncturist that he was very familiar with it. Having gone through the suggested acupuncture treatments, the pain had been ameliorated gradually and completely gone afterwards. Though he was familiar with acupuncture and oriental medicine, this incident made him even fascinated with it. His desire to know about acupuncture and belief in its effectiveness was so strong that he wanted to send one of his sons to an Oriental medicine school. However, his son chose to enter to Western medicine school to become a MD surgeon. That was when Dr. Jung made up his mind to study about acupuncture and Oriental medicine himself. While still working, he studied “Oriental Medicine and Health” at a university (WDU), and acupuncture skills at an acupuncture institute (Chim Korea), and he practiced his acupuncture treatment skills for outreach services in various communities in Korea for some years.

Later he moved to the US and acquired the degree DAOM “Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” from SBU in Anaheim California, and California license and NCCAOM license as well.

One day while he was reading bible, the scripture John 10:9 inspired him strongly, which says, “Jesus said, I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved”.

Only Jesus can save the people, but a man may be able to cure the sick people. So, the name “Healing Gate” was coined.

Dr. Jung will treat and heal the patients whoever enter in the “Healing Gate”.

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